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February, 2018

“Forgetting that the Lord is near, that God is with us, that in Christ Jesus death has been conquered and evil overthrown, is what allows the unpeace and anxiety that lead to violence to enter our minds and hearts. Remembering the nearness of God and the forgiveness that we have received through the Cross, trusting God in every circumstance of our lives, bearing the name of Jesus on our lips—these are the things that conquer anxiety and lead to peace and allow God himself to be the guardian of our hearts.”

(Bishop John Michael Botean)

Upcoming Live Adult Religious Education Class, February 4: Dealing with Anxiety Part 2: Spiritual Strategies.Anxiety is the most prevalent mental health problem we face today surpassing even depression. Because our faith informs every aspect of our life, we devoted our last class to discussing how we should understand our anxiety from an Orthodox Christian perspective – body, mind, and soul – and ways to address it. In this class, we are going to focus solely on the spiritual aspect of anxiety and the things we can and should be doing spiritually for our own good to deal with it.


St. George Adult Religious Education Class live-streamed through the Orthodox Christian Network ( Facebook page ( It can be watched live at 11:30 or any time by accessing the video at through the Facebook address.