Your Quote of the Month

Each month we select a short text for your reflection and inspiration.

July, 2019

“We will ultimately all suffer setbacks—probably many of them.  The difference between faith (salvation) and no faith (condemnation) is how we handle ourselves in times of suffering.  Do we allow our character to become weakened, so that we lose hope? Or do we endure, grow in character, grow in hope, in faith and ultimately in Christ?  Certainly much easier said than done…To cultivate patience is to show a willingness to “suffer long,” to stay in the game even when you are losing and losing big.  To be “complete” as a Christian, there has to be an ability to be resilient in setbacks and to remain patient when things don’t go well. It also means to be patient and let God’s plan unfold in His way, in His time.”

(Fr. Stavros N. Akrotirianakis)