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March, 2019


“But fasting is demanded not only by the nature of the Church, but also by human nature…Christ fasted in preparation for his ministry (Mt 4:2) and it is only by fasting, he tells us, that certain devils are mastered (Mt 17:21). It is by food that Satan seduced Adam and Eve. Hence ascetic fasting is the radical symbol of our Lenten stance before God. It is the renunciation, the exorcising of Satan by accepting the paradox that those who do not eat die, but that only those who lose their life shall find it, for it is not by bread alone that one lives. By its very radicalness, at least in symbolic intention, fasting leads to freedom because it is true mortification, that is, death to self by the abandonment of what is considered necessary for life. The refusal of submission to necessity is freedom, which is of the essence of all true life in Christ.”

(Archimandrite Robert Taft, SJ)