Commemorative Monument

The 100th year anniversary of the Shell Valley St. John Romanian and
Ukrainian Orthodox church (2019).

In addition to our celebration, we have (preliminary) ordered a cemetery commemorative monument to be unveiled and blessed at our 100th  year anniversary Chram.
There are 380 + persons buried in SV – 79 graves have no markings.
A search for persons buried in the unmarked graves is in the process, once complete all names will be included in the monument.
With each passing year tombstone information is lost to nature.  This monument assures every person will be remembered and is also a tribute to our ancestors for their sacrifices immigrating to this great country.

The monument will have 4 sides – 2 sides (60″ x 37.5) & 2 sides (60x30x37.5) etched black granite, listing all persons buried in SV in the 100 years.  The total cost will be $4,500. The price includes: etched monument, granite base, installation and taxes) Manitoba heritage will  contribute $1000 leaving us $3,500 to pay.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could help in any way large or small. Please also
let family members know should they like to contribute.  We ask that your donations be sent by October 31,2018 so we can determine whether we can proceed with this project.

Please sent your donations to:
Shell Valley cemetery care fund (for commemorative monument)
Box 1241,
Roblin, Manitoba ROL 1 PO
Tax receipts will be issued
If you require any information please call (204) 773-2614 or email me

Thank you so very much
Winnie Pitz (on behalf of the Shell Valley parish)

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