Church Addition

St George Orthodox Church is currently undergoing a much needed retrofit to their Church building in order to make it user friendly for all our members. Plans have been drawn up for an elevator to be put in as well as new classrooms and office space for our priest. As with all major projects there is a cost which is roughly $650,000.00. The parishioners have been extremely generous and we have raised a significant amount however we are still a long way off from reaching our goal.

Building Update:

Gratitude: On behalf of the Parish, THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU to all who came to paint the prime coat on the addition and to all who have been cleaning the church during these days of construction regarding “DUST”!!! Those desiring to help with the painting work still to be done should contact Father Deacon Michael Ungrin!

As of January 30th, paint priming on steel doors and ceiling and portions of the walls are completed.  A small frame work of the lift has been installed.

As of September 2, the piles, grade beams, and basement floor are in place and the basement walls will be in place by this weekend weather permitting. Next week the main floor will be installed and the foundation will be dampproofed, insulated, and backfilled. By the end of September the wood framing and roof truss installation should be in progress. October will see the mechanical/electrical equipment, shingle and window installation which means the addition is scheduled to be weather-tight by the middle of October – just in time! After that the lift installation and interior finishes will be completed.

Options of helping:

1. Capital Campaign

Forms have been distributed to all members and supporters of the Parish (click here to see the form).

How does it work?

The more contributions under OPTION A, the less amount that we will have to borrow,

The more contributions under OPTION B, the easier it will be to pay off any mortgage.

Forms should be returned ASAP to Myron Klysh.

2. Hidden Treasure

We are now appealing to anyone with a willing heart to look for any 10K OR 14K gold jewelry that they no longer wear and consider donating it towards the building fund. Broken, chains, earrings, bracelets etc… will be gratefully accepted read more…

3. Fundraising

Please contact Mary Thorn if you have any ideas.

4. Building progress

Currently the outside is being completed and bricks are being installed. See photos of building progress.